How to Swat BarFly’s

Time to nullify all the mumbo jumbo. In respect of fraudulent charters, declarations and treaties, a clear maxim arises – that Fraus omnia vitiat “fraud vitiates everything”. In other words, an act done in fraud and without authority has no effect, whatsoever; and

therefore, any reference to an example of historic fraud is not to legitimize it, nor agree with it, but to expose some of the most audacious examples of fraud, perfidy and falsity underpinning claimed western law; and

Simply put, no trust was created by such fraud, no matter how many times it may be stated to the contrary, as the very claim of authority to form such a trust was founded on fraud – hence the maxim referred above; and

The same applies to any other action in deliberate ignorance, or fraud or perfidy, whereby a man or woman claims some authority they do not properly possess to make claims and demand where they have no right. Indeed, Ex dolo malo non oritur actio “an action (in law) does not arise from fraud”; and

To argue otherwise, is either to argue in complete ignorance of a proper foundation of the rule of law, or to be lacking in the competences of reason and logic; and

Finally, any document issued by any person claiming they possess some unique ability, or authority or insight to “collapse” such trusts is a document itself based on fraud, absurdity and ignorance – and only serves to perpetuate misinformation, than genuine restoration of knowledge of law; and

One must refuse to be party to any such fraud and reject any demand to be witness to such fraud.

Time to make a new People’s Declaration. The decree of the sovereign makes law. Hold a people’s referendum. in peace

Robb's Court of Record

“The United States of America” is the stile of the confederacy of free and independent states, while “United States of America” is a kingdom of a foreign prince (King George III and his successors).

The rule of law established by the Magna Carta requires that “freemen” in King George III’s jurisdiction can only be “charged” upon the lawful judgment by their peers, and the law of the land.

The Supremacy clause established federal laws as the law of the land, eliminating state law as enforceable on a freeman.

The procedure used to administer justice requires that any complaint against a “freeman” be submitted to the central royal court (court of justice) which will issue a writ to fit the circumstances.

This writ is an administrative order, not a court case. It does not require a trial to obtain. Instead it appears you want to be the relator
(Ex rel Plaintiff)…

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