Britain’s Struggle to Abolish the Slave Trade

Us Africans are still slaves; we are still under a land claim; we are a conquered people under the Trading with the Enemy Act; we are still Homo animals under the papal bulls; African courts are still Admiralty courts oathed to HM THE QUEEN; a private slave company; RSA still follows Roman-Dutch law based on the Dutch East India Company; and pirates yes they rob I still; our pirated natural resources are swopped for fiat money, our lands and water destroyed. And, we still are bonded by the roman catholic slave birth certificate; in peace

The Most Revolutionary Act


Abolition: The Struggle to Abolish Slavery in the British Colonies

By Richard S Reddie

Lion Hudson (2007)

Book Review

Reddie devotes most of his book to debunking common myths Europeans perpetuate to justify chattel slavery and the current plight of the African diaspora. First and foremost is the prevailing myth that Africa was a savage and backwards continent prior to the arrival of the first Europeans.

Prior to reading this book, I had never heard of the Nubian, Great Zimbabwe, Ghana, Songhay or Mali civilizations. Archival records suggests that Africa, not the Middle East, was the cradle of civilization. The pioneering Greek scientists Archimedes and Pythagoras both spent their youth studying in Egypt. There’s also fairly strong evidence that East Africans began producing steel before Europeans did.

Of the millions of slaves forcibly transported to the Americas, 40% ended up in Brazil, 40% in the Caribbean, 15% in Spanish territories…

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