BANKING CARTEL: For the Love of God…& Money, The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) – The Vatican’s Central Bank (Archive)

Thank you for the research; pity we cannot get any Rothschild proof such as agreements etc.; in peace


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– The monster octopus has so many tentacles. But of all these sucking arms, nothing is more secretive than the Central Bank of all central banks, the BIS that is nestled in a country with a Red Cross flag to represent it.

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) headquarter as shown above looks a lot like the Vatican Bank in Rome because it is a Vatican Bank.

Vatican Bank in Rome

 It is where the methods creating the most elaborate enslavement scheme are formulated. Done in utmost secrecy, all activities are beyond the reach and understanding even by Swiss law enforcement agencies and government. The elements of secrecy and diplomatic immunity characterize evil intent on the part of its real owners.

The Vatican’s ownership of the bank can be traced through the Rothschild’s $500 trillion dynasty.

For as long as the people keep kneeling on these self…

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