From the Aegean to the English Channel – the refugees who shame Europe

And this kind of people’s violations still happens in the 21st century? The G20 must pay for harm and loss caused; in peace


syrian-refugees Refugees trapped Greek-Macedonia border

Today, hundreds of  thousands demonstrated in cities across Europe to demand #SafePassage for the hundreds of thousands of refugees from war zones still trying to cross Europe to safety. But in the last few days middle Europe closed its doors: Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Macedonia each took measures to ensure these refuges are either turned back to Greece or remain trapped in Greece, a country that has been bankrupted by the Euro Group and is doing its best, despite its dire financial circumstances, to help how it can. Fortress Europe has returned.

According to a Guardian report

19 February: Austria imposes a daily limit of 3,200 people entering the country and restricts asylum applications to 80 a day.

21 February: Macedonia prevents Afghans from crossing from Greece.

22 February: Slovakia says it is prepared to fence off its borders with Austria and…

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