Victimhood v. Brotherhood

It’s showtime for ALL people of the world to stand up against these corporations and their false claims and criminal actions in every state across the planet. in peace

Maine Republic Email Alert

By Judge Anna Von Reitz
In response to questions about the abuse black Americans have suffered, versus what everyone else has suffered:

What you have to realize first of all is that although they (the “Federal Government” corporation) did it first and worst to black people they have been equal opportunity predators and have in the end treated everyone the same and have enslaved or attempted to enslave everyone.

The key to this is political status, not race. 
Following the Civil War members of the Bar Association and the international banks incorporated the Federal Government.  In doing this they gained a means to avoid The Constitution and its requirements.
As a corporation they are in the business of providing government services so they made everyone an offer– they would provide MORE services to some of us than to others, and in exchange those, people would sign…

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