BANKING CARTEL: Canadian Media Ignoring Titanic Lawsuit vs. Bank of Canada

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– “Money is not wealth; politics and economics are two sides of the same coin, and it is the full understanding of political economics that is the true final frontier.”

The battle between fiat bankers and constitutional experts is still ongoing and the current Trudeau administration has not made up its mind just yet whether to return to constitutional banking system, or not.

Remember this Trudeau backgrounder as you watch the last  videos in this article.

Here’s the long story…

COMER vs. Bank of Canada

In early August 2013, two Canadians and COMER “confronted the global financial powers in the Canadian federal court.” They have filed a case against Bank of Canada earlier in 2011, in an effort to return the central bank to the people of Canada by printing its own debt-free currency like it was before 1974.

“COMER contends the Bank of Canada, a publicly owned…

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