Finance Ministers In A Panic

Thanks Ron, at some point we going to have to cash in the chips and re-shuffle the cards of this Ponzi scheme; in peace

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Something major is happening with nation states, and the finance ministers that make monetary policy.

Indeed we have discussed currency & trade wars in the past; the sanctions against Russia, along with the wars in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere are symptoms.
Currency SOS
The previous international monetary consensus is dust, and the U.S. Dollar as the major balancing mechanism is now a failure.
Trillions of Bank bonds (debt) are held by institutional investors and negative interest rates makes the problem worse.
How Exposed are Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) and other institutional investors to Negative Interest Rate Policy (Japanese Government Bonds)?
The evidence is very revealing, and bank officials appear to be in a panic.
Brazil (the largest country in South America in Land, Population, and Economy) and Canada reports to be in a recession.

The Bank of Japan last month (Jan. 2016) joined a growing number of central banks…

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7 thoughts on “Finance Ministers In A Panic

  1. Great piece.
    If we all stand back and see the big picture, it is obvious who the criminals are and what their agenda is. It is also apparent who is aiding and abetting them. Don’t toe the line, get attacked, either financially, with a patented, manufactured virus or bombed to hell. This is all orchestrated….. badly. These thugs actually jail people for fraud, can’t stand the competition I guess.
    Fraud: deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.
    Know anybody? B

    1. The bloodlines, and elite globalists do not want competition:
      “I like a little competition, but I should rather have co-operation.” -J.P.Morgan government testimony.

      Many news sources claim John D. Rockefeller said “competition is a sin”, but finding his source for that statement eludes me…

      Regardless, the globalists’ corporations have shown by their actions they do not want competition, they buy out or starve the competition with bank funds.
      Then they fill the regulatory office seats with their agents.

      Thus I expect some very tumultuous events ahead…

      See the influence of the “Fire Monkey”!

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