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Montenegro Crisis Explained! Rebellion Against NATO and PM Milo Đukanovic

Thanks for the update; get NATO out and call for disbandment; in peace

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Montenegro (Chernogoria) Crisis Explained! Rebellion Against NATO and PM Milo Đukanovic!

(Milo Đukanović (Montenegrin Cyrillic: Мило Ђукановић, pronounced [mǐːlɔ̝ d͡ʑǔkanɔ̝v̞it͡ɕ]

Presently independent, Montenegro is a former part of Yugoslavia and Serbia. Being located in the middle of NATO’s domain – the Mediterranean – next to other NATO members, having no army of its own and being a small country with not much of an economy, Montenegro has no strategic value for NATO whatsoever.

Because of that Montenegro had been left alone all these years. Suddenly, last year PM Đukanović announced that the country would be joining NATO. Why, you may ask, if there is no value to Montenegro being a NATO member?

There is one overriding reason: Montenegro’s economic and cultural ties to Russia! Due to the closeness of culture and mentality, lots of Russians go to Montenegro for Mediterranean vacations, many Russians have vacation properties…

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Extra-Judicial Notice Issued to the Justices of THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES

Thanks, Arnie and Judge Anna; in peace

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On Jan 26, 2016, at 8:50 PM, Anna von Reitz <> wrote:

Extra-Judicial Notice Issued to the Justices of THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES

There is no provision upon land nor upon sea nor in the heavens allowing a corporation to declare war, declare martial law, operate as a crime syndicate, or interfere with the political standing of living people.

When what is true appears what is false must pass away.

This is your private and inescapable Notice that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has engaged in criminal acts and that it is at this moment shredding documents to avoid its culpability.

This is your private and inescapable Notice that the FBI has committed murder and false arrest of peaceful American state citizens in Colorado for protesting the unlawful and illegal acts of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and that it has stubbornly refused to recognize…

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HIDDEN HISTORY: Anthropologist Challenges “Out of Africa” Theory of Human Origins

Maybe ‘cro-magnon’ aught to be re-classified to ‘pro-reptilian’ then?


Source –

– It is now scientifically irrefutable fact that the “human species” has been found to contain a substantial quantity of DNA (at least 20%) from other hominid populations not classified as Homo sapien; such as Neanderthal, Denisovan, African archaic, Homo erectus, and now possibly even “Hobbit” (Homo floresiensis).

If not given drugs to prevent infant death, the pregnant body of a rhesus negative mother will attack, try to reject, and even kill her own offspring if it is by a rhesus positive man.
The Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) is a sub-species of the gray wolf (Canis lupus), and they produce hybrids. There are numerous other examples of where two separate species (for example with different numbers of chromosomes) can also produce viable offspring, yet are considered separate species. That said, humanity has been shown to be, genetically speaking, a hybrid species that did not all share the…

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Turning America Around – Thanks To Our Heros

Thanks, Angel; Judge Anna is certainly changing the landscape:) blessings

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– Republic for the united States –


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Originally posted January 4 at 4:18pm ·

to All Members of the Press Corps, All Federal Employees, All Members of the American Armed Forces, All Sheriffs, United States Marshals, and Others Responsible for Public Safety and Peacekeeping
Regarding the Take Over of BLM Facilities in the Western States
Issued by Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

January 3, 2016

Although it may come as a surprise to many Americans we have been mischaracterized and misidentified as British Crown Subjects for the better part of a hundred years. This travesty has never been corrected; instead, the British Crown, a commercial investment organization, has kidnapped and press-ganged American land assets into the international jurisdiction of…

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UZA v. STANDARD BANK – Moving Forward… Forward to Bankruptcy?

STANDARD BANK LIMITED are certainly not wishing to move forward, contrary to their creed as the following communications indicate; where are the days when companies had pride in being dynamic? Instead of following King David Rockefeller’s one world policy? Hey, David? Dinosaurs in the making, we say… good luck; we are building a new model to make the old one redundant; in peace

To:       Head, Legal Centre, Standard Bank Group Limited, 9th Floor,

Standard Bank Centre, 5 Simmonds Street, Johannesburg

From:   UZA, people’s courts, forums & tribunals

Re: Meeting to find reconciliation on unlawful banking practices

We have been approached by people represented by civic associations from the inner CBD who are the victims of numerous rights violations which involve what we now deem to be unlawful banking transactions, mortgages and the purchase and sales of apartment buildings, to name a few. For more information refer to

The people have requested that we represent them and participate along with them in this matter. Therefore, we wish for a two-hour meeting at your earliest convenience with 3 representatives of people attending, in order that we may address their concerns and find remedy for reconciliation.

UZA: As a people’s court at Natural Law we assist, guide and educate people and communities regarding their unalienable rights. We negotiate peaceful and positive conflict resolution between disputing parties to create a win-win for all people; the values we hold are what is common to the people and community and therefore reflect the unique and pivotal role in the cultural, social and economic life at international natural law jurisdiction. For more information refer to

UZA is officially recognised as the SA Chapter of the committee in support of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice:

There is currently an international court case under way, filed by UZA against the Republic of South Africa for not protecting the rights of we the people against harmful banking practices and agencies intent on plundering the people; and, for not upholding the Bill of Rights as enshrined in the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. For more information refer to

As a result all the wealth is now filtering into the hands of the few, the economy is grinding to a halt, the BRICS countries are unsuccessfully attempting to exit the Federal Reserve banking system, the Chinese stock markets have already crashed twice in the first week of 2016, the DOW has experienced the four worst days of trading since 1932 and more and more evidence is coming to light that the Federal Reserve banking system is a fraudulent system wherein money is merely an IOU, the banks are under control of a very few global elite private bankers with private interests which in most cases are not to the interest of the countries or the people. The system is collapsing and it is time for us to engage in finding remedy or we the people have no alternative but to start our own bank with our own banking system and cease from making use of commercial banks completely. So it is in the interests of STANDARD Bank, as a South African company, to participate in the soon-to-be-launched people’s banking system. So it is with this in mind, that we would like to set up a meeting and we require two hours of your time in order to start entering into discussions to address the issues and to find remedy for our concerns.

Oxfam study highlights massive global wealth divide.1% richest own more than rest of us

The combined riches of 62 of the world’s most well-heeled individuals in 2015 equaled the wealth of 3.5 billion people — the bottom half of humanity — a new report about extreme global wealth inequality released Sunday showed.

The findings, published by the poverty-fighting organization Oxfam, highlight the growing divide between those at either end of the income spectrum. Since 2010, the wealth of the richest 62 people increased 44% to $1.76 trillion, the report found. Over the same period, the wealth of the world’s poorest half fell over a trillion dollars or 41%.

“Our economic system is heavily skewed in their (the wealthiest) favor, and arguably increasingly so,” Oxfam said. “Far from trickling down, income and wealth are instead being sucked upwards at an alarming rate.”

Oxfam added: “Rising inequality is a problem for all of us. The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) notes that increasing income inequality poses a risk for social cohesion and threatens to slow down the current economic recovery.”

As recently as 2010, Oxfam calculated, it took 388 of the world’s wealthiest individuals to match the collective income levels of the world’s poorest half. Oxfam did not name the 62 individuals it used as the basis for its calculations. In previous research reports, it has used Forbes’ billionaires list, in 2015 topped by Bill Gates whose net worth is $79.2 billion.

The group unveiled its research just a few days before the meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, an annual event that sees world leaders, corporate titans and members of civil society gather for a week of discussions and workshops on the world’s most pressing problems. Income inequality is rarely far from the top of the agenda.

Please contact us at at your earliest possible convenience with a time and day and venue where we can meet in order to introduce our concerns.

Sincerely, without prejudice, under onerous title, all rights reserved



Dear Sir

With reference to your attached letter dated 20 January 2016 The Standard Bank of SA Ltd (“the bank”/”us”/”we”) hereby replies as follows:

At the outset any customer of the bank may lodge a complaint with us, which will be handled by a dedicated area (being the Complaints Resolution Centre), and can be contacted via e-mail ( ) or telephonically on  0860 101 101.

Secondly the bank will regrettably not participate in your planned people’s banking system, and we suggest that you engage with the relevant regulatory authorities herein, being National Treasury at the SA Reserve Bank, etc

Thirdly any failure on the bank’s side to specifically reply to any of the allegations made in your letter under reply should not be construed as an acknowledgement to the correctness thereof and all of the bank’s rights remain strictly reserved herein.

Kindly be guided accordingly.



The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited
Group Legal Division Tel +27 (0)11 636 9111 / Fax +27 (0)11 636 8277 /

Anna von Reitz: There Is No “Interregnum” — Notice to Pope Francis, the UN Security Council, Congress, and The World— Round Seven: Karen Hudes/World Bank/IBRD/IMF:—

As only Judge Anna can say it…

Scanned Retina - A Resource for the People!

On Jan 24, 2016, at 3:51 AM, Anna von Reitz <> wrote:

Notice to Pope Francis, the UN Security Council, Congress, and The World—

Round Seven: Karen Hudes/World Bank/IBRD/IMF:

There Is No ?Interregnum?

23 January 2016

Everyone needs understand that our government is not in any ?interregnum? as the result of a governmental services corporation going bankrupt.

That is a problem for the owners and operators of that corporation. It is not a problem for the lawful sovereigns of this country. We are able and willing to appoint new federal entities to act as our agents in the international venue and we have done so.

This is the equivalent of dropping the employment contract of a criminal housekeeper and hiring someone new to do the job. The IMF owned and operated UNITED STATES is insolvent. It presumed upon us, stole our identities, racked up our credit accounts to the moon…

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Long March To Rome in May… we are coming to pay you a visit Francesco…





On May 1, 2016, a group of indigenous peoples, hereditary chiefs and elders will arrive in the city of Paris France where they will take their first steps of a historic pilgrimage towards Rome, Italy, along the ancient Via Francigena Road.


Why we are marching


We undertake the Long March to Rome to remember the countless millions of indigenous worldwide who for 500 years have suffered and died through the wars, forced resettlement, disease and conquest justified by two papal orders or bulls, called Romanus Pontifex (1455) issued by Pope Nicholas V and Inter Caetera (1493) pronounced by Pope Alexander VI.

These papal bulls are the “blueprints” for the Age of Discovery since they granted explorers the absolute right to:

“…invade, search out, capture, vanquish, and subdue all Saracens and pagans whatsoever, and other enemies of Christ wheresoever placed” and to “reduce their persons to perpetual slavery”.

Incredibly, neither of the two papal bulls has been officially revoked to this day.

Minister Of Justice Responds To Call For Inquiry Into Gustafsen Lake Standoff

The Canadian government act as legal fictions and have no parity with the tangible; they are breaking international law and engaging in acts of piracy; they have NO jurisdiction to be doing what they are doing!
77 000 rounds fired on sovereign people and sovereign land; it’s all upside down as very few comprehend jurisdiction; it is all about subject-matter-jurisdiction people and governments are using the law of the sea on the land; that’s piracy; join the


“I acknowledge Wolverine, and I am sorry to hear that he is not doing well”

Federal Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says she will look into a call for an inquiry into the 1995 Gustafsen Lake standoff, but the issue is not a top priority.

Wilson-Raybould, who is also the Liberal MP for Vancouver-Granville and Canada’s first aboriginal minister, delivered her first official speech since being appointed justice minister at Simon Fraser University’s Woodward campus on Saturday in downtown Vancouver.

After her speech, she said she’d received a letter about the Gustafsen standoff but noted that the ministry has several mandates that must take precedent, including the missing women inquiry, one of several Liberal campaign pledges.


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Central Planners Freaking Out about Discussion of Gold’s Role

They have it ALL wrong; their dinosaur model won’t work; it is going to take creative processes and to build new models making the old ones redundant:
Progress in positive economics will require not only the testing and elaboration of existing hypotheses but also the construction of new hypotheses. On this problem there is little to say on a formal, level. The construction of hypotheses is a creative act of inspiration, intuition, invention; its essence is the vision of something new in familiar material. The process must be discussed in psychological, not logical, categories; studied in autobiographies and, biographies, not treatises on scientific method; and promoted by maxim and example, not syllogism or theorem.”
Milton Friedman – The Methodology of Positive Economics; V. Some Implications for Economic Issues; Essays in Positive Economics (1953) publ. University of Chicago Press.