Lost Trust In The System: More Legal Complaints

Thanks Ron, great write; mass stay aways like in the 1950s Defiance Campaign in South Africa which eventually brought apartheid to its knees and they were not much different to your current government;

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I have lost count of how many discussions where I talked about lost trust and betrayed trust in institutions from religious, to banking and all between, as institutions attempt to make policies and implement worldwide governance.

Maybe I have talked about lost trust more than 200 times in detail.
Which is why I get some measure of entertainment when it goes to court and legal complaints charging wrong doing and harm!

Before you read the current events below about the Legal Suit against major banks, I want to share some background.
I recall back in March 2015 Swiss Banking Giant UBS Settled $135 Million with U.S. Law Firm Hausfeld in Forex manipulation cases.
I also recall saying that this wasn’t over, I was referring to the systemic fraud and corruption revealed in LIBOR and Forex rigging.

The Legal firm Hausfeld, (it was reported in October 2015) received €30 million…

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