Global Housing Market: Price Crash Led by Major Cities And Rapid Exit Of Investors

Not only are banks creating money on a fractional reserve banking system, but they sell ALL the original documents that you sign as negotiable instruments; now they are even patenting the process in case the doors on securitization shut with the return to prudent banking and the Glass-Steagall 1932 and 1933; we must place the power of banking firmly back into the hands of the people; in peace

Counter Information

Global Research, January 26, 2016
True Publica 26 January 2016

worldeconomy2The global house price crash is being led the most important cities in the world and where they are not falling yet, they soon will be.

The fault lies directly in the lap of central banks as quantitative easing caused an enormous injection of cash into economies, forcing interest rates to fall the their lowest levels in history. This knee-jerk over-reaction effectively halted price corrections that should have fully unfolded but didn’t and put rocket boosters under house price inflation the world over.

With banks and their financial services operations now seen by the public as nothing more than criminal gangs operating with impunity, both legally saved money and laundered cash needed a safe haven. Normal people know nothing about derivatives, day-trading and the like. Property is something most people know something about. Criminals just want to…

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