Sleeping with the Enemy. A four part article.

Part one. The History of South Africa.

We see in this modern 21st century, a world of chaos. In spite of all the technology and great minds of this modern era, the human race appears to be devolving.

Corruption and suffering is everywhere. Our precious ecosystem is under attack, this world; which was entrusted to our care; is an unmitigated disaster.

We decided to launch an investigation; based on facts not conjecture, to try to discover why. What we found was horrifying.

We began by researching the history of South Africa, going back in time to the Anglo-Boer war. In our search we came across a paper by Paul Kruger; ‘Oom Paul’, he said

“It’s ancient history; and while Chamberlain and his are rubbing their hands, the farmers will have to fight the beast that is called goldthirst and landhunger! And if God prevents it not, then the Transvaal and the Orange Free State will be wiped off the map; and a voice will rise in the weeping of the vast fields of South Africa by mourning-coloured widows and surviving orphans, a weeping that will be drowned out by the clapping and cheering on the Thames! However, the blood of the awake Farmer people will be splashed against the throne of Queen Victoria; England will cover themselves with eternal shame, and unto God judgments shall come up from the cry of the earth on this innocent shed blood!”

oom paul

On 9th March 1816 five men were hanged by the British, this was done as a warning to any potential uprising against the British Empire. Five rebels of the Slachter’s Nek Rebellion (also Slagtersnek), Cornelius Faber, Hendrik Prinsloo, Theunis de Klerk, and brothers Stefanus and Abraham Bothma, were hanged in public one by one. The ropes of four broke the first time. They were still alive and begged for mercy, joined by the pleas of the large number of people ordered to attend the execution.  However, they had to ascend the scaffold a second time and the sentence was carried out one by one, using one rope.

Only sixty border farmers supported the rebellion and normal punishment of the ringleaders would not have caused bitterness, some farmers even helped in repressing the rebellion, but the inhumanity of the execution awoke an emotional response causing it to be mentioned by some as one of the causes of the Great Trek.

There has been ongoing resentment against the ‘Empire’ and justifiably so. Reading on we will understand who the empire actually is.

In 1899 another uprising took place and this became known as the Second Anglo Boer war. It comprised men and women who wanted to govern themselves, not be ruled by London. Life was hard, but the country was stable; its Volk were hardworking farmers; contented and leading simple lives on the land raising their families and their livestock, in the company of integrated communities.

Britain had not been receiving its taxes; and the situation was not acceptable.

So the queen Victoria and her cabinet sent in Cecil John Rhodes; a Freemason and the founder member of the Milner Group; the owner of De Beers. The objective and wet dream of Rhodes was to enlarge the Empire and retake North America, but first there was a small question of the gold and diamonds in South Africa. Wars are expensive; although financed by Rothschild; he was not a bottomless pit. Enter the bankers. The American ‘colony’ was not really lost however.


milnerrhodes in SA

Part two will follow shortly.


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