COVER-UP: Treason Of The Highest Order, Hijacked and Stolen Nukes – By David Chase Taylor (Flashback)

We can confirm the South African story where John Bredenkamp stole 6 of the 12 nuclear missiles after Margret sold them because she was cash-strapped; one of the 6 is still un-accounted for… and rumour has it that it is in the hands of private South Africans right in our country!!!

Last year there was a local newspaper report that the thermo-nuclear switches for 9/11 came from Pelindaba… and we cannot find that report anymore even though we searched high and low;

It’s time to start de-commissioning the military industrial comples, weapons of mass destruction and say no to ALL wars!!! ESPECIALLY WARS OF SO-CALLED “LIBERATION”: the worst kind; in peace


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Whitewash and Cover-up: Mysterious Deaths in the United States Air Force, Several military personnel died under mysterious circumstances shortly before and after the incident. There are now questions regarding the fate of these individuals in the U.S. Air Force who could have had relationships in one way or another to the incident or possibly have been directly involved:

The following allegedly accidental nuclear terror incidents involving both the United States and the United Kingdom are entitled “Empty Quivers”, meaning that they refer to the seizure, theft, or loss of a functioning nuclear weapon.

When each case is fully examined, there is no question that the U.S. and the U.K. are at least guilty of nuclear terrorism by purposely allowing the “theft” of nuclear weapons.If and when a Nuclear 9/11 occurs, there is no doubt that the isotopic signature, if properly tested, will come…

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