VOODOO ECONOMICS: Financial Warfare & The Big Reset, an interview with Willem Middelkoop

Yes, the big reset is underway; and, nobody knows how it will unfold because positive economics will require creative and intuitive processes by the people, for the people; an interesting journey lies ahead for all;


Source – bullionstar.com

In a book, ‘Treasury’s War,’ the tool of exclusion from the dollar-denominated global financial system is described as a ‘neutron bomb.’ When a country must be isolated, a ‘scarlet letter’ is issued by the US Treasury that asserts that such-and-such bank is somehow suspected of being linked to a terrorist movement – or of being involved in money laundering. The author of ‘Treasury’s War’ Juan Zarate, chief architect of modern financial warfare and a former senior Treasury and White House official, writes this scarlet letter constitutes a more potent bomb than any military weapon:

Koos Jansen Interviews Willem MiddelkoopAbout The Big Reset:

The very reason I became interested in gold after the financial crisis in 2008 was because of Dutch gold guru, author, journalist, entrepreneur, and fund managerWillem Middelkoop. When I started reading his books I was immediately obsessed with…

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