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Nice one Ron; thank you, be blessed

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Amplify awareness and share knowledge
Happy greetings, and thank you for being with us on this Earth plane.
The bad news can be overwhelming if not balanced with some joy and laughter.

Peel and remove the Blind Spot Peel and remove the Blind Spot

Realizing we live in the AGE of Deception can be a shock that neighbors anger, fear, and despair.

Governments and other influential institutions are on a destructive path.
Their destructive path need not be your path.
Their diabolical vision need not be your vision.

You need not be a slave to a institution.

Do not defeat yourself, rather lift yourself from past programming and conditioning.
See your Life anew.

The ability to create a new path for your life’s journey is within you.

Below is what I am calling the “Commons”, something to be shared with everyone.

Realize we all are connected on a life journey with Earth.
We Share the Same Air,
We Share the Same…

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