Friday The 13th, Martial Law In Paris, and Monetary Reform – What A Weekend!

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G20 Summit in Antalya Turkey was drowned out of the media spotlights due to the hyped false flag Paris attack and declaration of Martial Law.
The weekend appears to me to have been planned, not only for entertainment, but also for worldwide agendas as well!
Was the Paris killings a False Flag?

Did you take note that the important inclusion of the Chinese RMB into the IMF’s basket of currencies for the International Banking Reserves?
China is on board to lead the Asian Economic Zone (will Host g20 Summit for 2016); how Japan’s government will react to this “Asian Leadership” competition may play a role in the escalation or De-escalation of WWIII…

Some individuals may have been entertained with alcohol, or overwhelmed with the hyped Paris drama, and not alerted to the monumental change to the international monetary system.

A short recap of the World Economy:
International Monetary Crisis Continues…

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