Pope Francis Makes a Law..Destroys Every Corporation in The World!

There is actually a little bit more to this story; in 2009 Judge Anna and a few brave knights went to see Benedict and gently explained to him that the world knew about Boniface’s unam sanctum and the 4 papal bulls that created the global estate trust; needless to say, Benedict almost had an immaculate conception…

This story obviously “leaked” to the onsite CIA VATICAN headquarters… what to do? perfect time for a coup de tat… in steps the CIA director Francesco himself; declare the motu proprio “by his own accord”…

Why would he do such a thing? PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY!!! He effectively cut us free from the Global Estate Trust; we are no longer under unam sanctum; we cannot lien the UNHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE when they get bust next year after the July 11th deadline;
And while this was going on, OPPT foreclosed the entire system; the CIA knew about this and Francis capitalized on it and made his move; sneaky, Francis; but we can still bust him for sacrilege; a way more serious crime:
SACRILEGE. In English criminal law. Larceny
from a church. 4 Steph.Comm. 164. The
crime of breaking a church or chapel, and stealing
therein. 1 Russ. Crimes, 843.
In old English law. The desecration of anything
considered holy; the alienation to lay-men
or to profane or common purposes of what was
given to religious persons and to -pious uses.

Mystery Babylon is an occult that hijacked a church practising a faith based on the teachings of Jesus the Nazarene which were twisted an corrupted through semantic deceit; no different to the legalese that courts employ to press-gang us; Capitis diminution, MAXIMA; ‘CHRIST’ is a legal fiction deity; ‘Jesus’ refers to a living man; Francis is the VICAR OF CHRIST and not Vicar of Jesus… if he does get bust he might claim that he never claimed to run a church… only an evil cult…
It seems we and Francis have a destiny that was written in the stars… the 11th of July was when the author’s “PERSON” aka SRAWMAN was “berth”ed, the same day the Motu Proprio was issued; in peace

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The Vatican created a world trust using the birth certificate to capture the value of each individual’s future productive energy.  Each state, province and country in the fiat monetary system, contributes their people’s value to this world trust identified by the SS, SIN or EIN numbers (for example) maintained in the Vatican registry.  Corporations worldwide (individuals became corporate fictions through their birth certificate) are connected to the Vatican through law (Vatican to Crown to BAR to laws to judge to people) and through money (Vatican birth accounts value to IMF to Treasury (Federal Reserve) to banks to people (loans) to judges (administration) and sheriffs (confiscation).

Judges administer the birth trust account in court matters favoring the court and the banks, acting as the presumed “beneficiary” since they have not properly advised the “true beneficiary” of their own trust.  Judges, attorneys, bankers, lawmakers, law enforcement and all public officials (servants) are…

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