The Ultimate Purpose of GMOs

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educational; agreed, something very A.I. is trying to assimilate this construct…
at a rapid rate… the big question is, are we the contagion or “non-entity”?


GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are a hot topic

right now. All across America, from Hawaii to California to the Northeastern states like Vermont, the debate is raging over whether to label GM foods, and in many cases, whether to ban GM crops completely. Some counties (such as the Big Island County in Hawaii, and Jackson and Josephine Counties in Oregon) have passed local laws banning GM crop cultivation, and Vermont became the first state to do so. Additionally, as many as 60 countries have restricted or banned GM crops from being grown on their soil! Before we discuss the ultimate purpose of GMOs, let’s begin by defining what a GMO is.

The ultimate purpose of GMOs The ultimate purpose of GMOs goes way beyond money, monopoly, control of the global food supply and depopulation; it’s the agenda to rewire the human genetic code.

What is a GMO?

A GMO is created when the DNA from…

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