MB Obama’s Friend China Awards Mugabe Human Rights Prize

Without any prejudice,

Mugabe may be a tyrant who oppresses his people, but he stood up against the colonial slavemasters; the british came in and the first thing they did is dam the most sacred grounds of Africa, Kariba Valley…

Then their colonial farmers claimed vast tracts of land and “subdued the heathen”; meantime the arabs called the colonials ‘Kafirs’ since Marco Polo, shame; they then ran their slave-master plantations playing “white nights”…

They used the law of the sea to plunder the sacred oral tradition; DO YOU KNOW WHY AFRICA NEVER WROTE? BECAUSE IT IS TABOO; the written word of legal fiction has hijacked every one of us; look around you!!!

We personally know the Rhodesians and their colonial quirks… the WHENWEs we call them: “When we had that 100 000 hectare farm… “;

At least when his time is over, the people will not be fooled by HM THE QUEEN again; Mugabe made sure of that;
if white man cannot learn to share then white man must go; and, the writer is a “white” man who has been granted the right of use of a beautiful peace of paradise here in Africa; and it can now pass by ancestry or return to the community if no longer used; Mother Africa cannot be bought or sold; it’s custodianship, the way it was meant to;

The white man who does not respect the customs of Africa, must leave; our people’s courts are now helping the people to assert their rightful authority over ADMIRALTY/MARITIME/LAW MERCHANT/CIVIL legal fiction de facto rules which is NOT law; the spirit of the law of Afrika is BACK;

ex causa onerosa, in peace – uza

1 thought on “MB Obama’s Friend China Awards Mugabe Human Rights Prize

  1. He has been fighting the settler war, the same as Palestine…. Not great when one is a settler.
    The empire is a formidable foe.
    The earth is for us to share, not take ownership of.. how can we own the wind?

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