West Virginia Call For Help, Is This The Beginning?

Yes, this is it folks;

the ‘trimtabs’, those who altered the course and only the few who are aware among the people will reflect back and realize it happened here…
but, the scriptures tell us that we won’t even remember the ugly past… nor will it come to mind…

Ronmamita's Blog

The Money Mafia
Things Are Bad and getting worse, But there are choices!
A prosperous and free world is within our capacity to manifest.
Each of us can contribute to healing the world.

You can be Proactive, File and Record Legal Petitions, Notices & Complaints, Share Information on the internet, request Boycotts & Walkouts, Coordinate Neighborhood Crime Watch with Militia Armed Self-Defense, create Local Complementary Currencies, P2P Exchanges, support local businesses, Community Farming, join DIY or Hobby clubs, explore your unique ideas and innovations.
This is not about doom, this is about problem solving and healing.
Yes, some choices are difficult, or tedious, while others are fun, however change is inevitable…

This is more than an American problem, it is a worldwide problem.
I recall decades ago when the phrase “Truth Seeker” had a different meaning, it “felt” different than it does now.
If I compare then to now, I would say that…

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