SA ITNJ Volunteers Enlist Now!

Without prejudice,
our legal defence page specific to Southern African procedural rules is nicely updated:
Scroll down to “We, the People” v. Banksters heading;
those are the documents we used to set the banks down, legally and lawfully;
we have one more application to file in 10 Days time in order to perfect it according to their procedures;
In addition, we are making a lawful counter-claim and are in the process of transferring the case for good cause to the ITNJ (;
it seems that the case: “We, the People” v. RSA INC. is to be one of the first matters to be heard by the ITNJ; this will certainly be the litmus test;
Press gang 2
Have you suffered harm or loss?
we have over 40 cases which we are presenting, thus far, ranging from Revenue Services, the 4 major banks, the courts, Constitutional Court; we wish to cover every aspect; If you inhabit Southern Africa and your private property has been confiscated or your unalienable rights have been violated or thse of a dear one then please file your bill of plaint with us, even if you have lost your private property; we see no reason why you cannot get it back? Details at the following link;
The workshops “The Law and Your Rights” focus on foreclosures and ‘bad debts’ are 1 Day from 09H00 to 17H00 with 1 hour lunch and 15min breaks every hour;
give us a date and we will be in your neighbourhood!
Time to take urgent action! The ship has sunk; time to rebuild a new one, quickly!
This will require your support and involvement:
 2015.08.30 SA ITNJ Volunteer Workshop Flyer
If you have any questions, please ask.
In peace, UZA

2 thoughts on “SA ITNJ Volunteers Enlist Now!

  1. Does these procedures of the process of how to settle bills debts demands prevent foreclosures and evictions using money of exchange work in the united states ??
    You know the 7 simplified steps in the manual e.g. put a qualified indorsement on bill as per billing post ; then prepare an separate doc a Entitlement order and ; Hand delivery receipt ; certified copies in an envelope to deposit at bank etc. Question do I follow those steps at local bank here in the UNITED STATES or do I use IRS instead here because I’m in the UNITED STATES or do I follow procedures of the manuals to the letter ??

    1. Hi servant bond, time to change your name to Sovereign Bond 🙂

      The Redemption Manual 4.5 was written for USA; your redemption is there; download from seven documents down;

      However, to us in the know the system was legally foreclosed in 2012 already and is winding down( and we intend verifying this before the ITNJ ( soon; before year end. This means you are wasting your time;

      Look for a local common-law grand jury society in your county and join a workshop or talk; it’s going on everywhere now; they have remedy for your financial woes 🙂

      in peace, bt

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