Naugh….Couldn’t be….

Yes, you are correct;

There is NO current lawful governance; elections are fraudulent because the people were not informed that they are in reality, voting for a corporate state;

Only a REFERENDUM is a lawful vote of the people; can you remember when last you had a referendum?

It’s simple really: we are doing the same in RSA; ask this question:

Is the current form of governance based on the Will of We, the People? Yes or No?

Here is your referendum; In USA 5000 signatures got your attention a few years ago; now, they have upped it to 100 000;

This is very achievable if one involves the common-law grand juries;
Have fun; in peace

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However I must ask a question?

If the government of the American people only exists as a corporate fiction and the corporation misrepresenting itself as the government of the American people is by the act of misrepresenting itself is clearly based on fraud, there is no lawful and legitimate government of the people.

That being the case, by what lawful authority do the states claim legitimacy? There is no lawful authority to issue the lawful state or even the impostor state a charter.

Since the current states are all misrepresenting themselves as the lawful state governments of the people, they too fail to be legitimate. Well if the state or the impostor itself is acting in fraud, then there is no legitimate authority to issue corporate charters in any state.

The conclusion to which I arrive?

There are no corporations in America lawfully chartered…

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