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the intention was NOT to explain the process, but to get people to realize there are other forms of currency;

However, you have a VERY interesting scenario; If I was you, I would look at the following options:

1. In the absence of ANY documentation, we create and file a common-law express trust with the Master of the Supreme Court where YOU are now the trustee on the land, your strawman is the beneficiary in the sea and you are dealing at arm’s length;

In court, learn how to decree a common-law court (audio lectures http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org) if the judge refutes the express trust he/she MUST prove the contrary;

we have done an express trust manual with templates:
https://giftoftruth.wordpress.com/express-trusts/ which were adapted to South African law from US manuals such as Redemption manual which has US templates with USC. civil code references & Foreclosure Defence Handbook by Vince Kahn who is, in my opinion one of the leading experts in UCC; you may try get hold of him:


Now this part explains how an ISSUER transfers a Security Certificate;
An UN-ABRIDGED or VAULT birth certificate (the one that can be legalised or appostilled by your states laws) IS a security certificate;

If you endorse (read UCC on endorsements) the birth certificate and transfer it from home affairs to the secretary of the state (your banker/securities intermediary) with a security bond (in our templates) THEN YOU are now the ENTITLEMENT HOLDER and YOU are now the ISSUER (technically, your strawman is the issuer/beneficiary/secured party debtor and you are the agent/trustee/creditor); this is VERY simplified; and VERY tricky … if you are not confident in securities and securities trading then leave it alone! Just do a search on people such as Cody Banks and Tim Turner … 25 years is a long time … ;

ALTERNATELY: The safest route and the one I believe we should all follow and accept as done, is the filings of the now foreclosed One People’s Public Trust; they did a legal and lawful foreclosure on the ENTIRE system; all UCC filing documents are at http://www.i-uv.com;
Now there is a lot of controversy around this lot, but my research leads me to believe that Heather Tucci-Jarrief and the others who assisted her know their stuff; she also wrote the report that blew the whistle on global bankruptcy OPERATION PARADIGM BULLET REPORT;

We use those UCC filings in our court cases as legitimate proof of where our value lies upon which commercial claims are made; we used this process successfully in a deceased estate with a shortfall of half a million to the banks; we filed the express trust documents and a security bond for 100 million, backed by the security of UCC Doc # 2013031779 (the OPPT filing);

We never heard from the court or the banks again and the Master of the High Court refused to comment after our 3rd Notice of settlement;

On a private note, what you are doing is commendable; I, on the other hand un-plugged as my defiance to Babylon and the Beast, revoked my citizenship, cancelled all contracts, accounts everything; wrote to the pope and told him I am baptized outside ALL churches on God’s Creation and my only contract is between me and my Creator, the Great Mystery.

I am probably the first in the last century who has been acknowledged in a South African court as a man, on record, representing others in defence of their non-derogable rights and because of this precedent, others may now follow; One cannot serve two masters … I wish you success in your quest;

If you have no success, you may wish to file with the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (www.itnj.org)

Hope this helps; in peace, bt

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On Jul 25, 2015, at 4:50 PM, HI&RH Prince William-Bullock III: Stewart <protectingmyrights@yahoo.com> wrote:
To whomever posted the Hey Stupid you don’t know jack article,

I have given the article a quick review.

If I understand it correctly, the article presumes that individuals have not filed their UCC-1 to claim their birth certificate trust, and tells them to claim their trust.
I and others I know have done this, and given notice in the public record and by explicit notice to various government agencies and office holders.

The article mentioned above seems to claim that we will then get the trust, but fails to explicitly detail how to claim this cestique trust bond and other assets of the cestique trust.
We are sovereigns, and our status has been recognized in official acts by the STATE OF NEW YORK, pursuant to Fed. R. of Civ. Proc. rule 9(d), and Fed. R…

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