There is a ground swell of We, the People taking place; more and more people are seeking remedy against corporate tyranny; The judicial activists on the land of America are already hosting workshops on the following:

A BRAND NEW public forum has just been launched with threads on related topics:


SA CHAPTER of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice

There has been a growing call for us to go more public, so here it is;

2015 ITNJ Flyer

Later in the year we expect to launch ITNJ workshops in participating countries on how to convene a court of record in order to settle disputes between people and with corporations; and, failing lawful remedy, how to transfer the matter for cause before the ITNJ; If this is all new to you then go to: and

If you wish to host a workshop on foreclosures or community self-determination on the land of Southern Africa feel free to email us at

In peace, SA Chapter ITNJ

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