Everything Is Proceeding as I Have Foreseen…

The Rio Norte Line

EP6-KEY-252_R_cropKnowledge is an evolutionary creature. It is acquired in incremental steps over time, often over generations. All things new are built from all things old – what is learned in the past becomes the foundation for what is created in the present, what is created in the present is the basis for what is created in the future. Even the most brilliant minds of the past were limited by the collective knowledge of their time. Otherwise, Plato would have invented open heart surgery, Aristotle the internal combustion engine and Descartes would have founded Microsoft and William Oughtred of Cambridge, England would have been the CEO of Apple Computer in 1630 instead of inventing the slide rule.

Knowledge is also systematic – that is to say that all knowledge of all things must methodically advance in order for one particular idea to be brought to life. For example, if an idea…

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