US Weapons and Troops – Out Of Ukraine! Rally in Front of the US Embassy in Kiev

Thanks for pointing this out; I spent some time in the Ukraine and the people are extremely polite; there was no public violence until this affair; if someone bumped you, they immediately apologized;

A point of interest: Ukraine has/had the best dental schools, universities in the world; it is cheaper to fly there, stay for a few days, have your teeth done with the best technology and choice of fillings, crowns etc than back home if you don’t support insurance companies; a complete crown is about $30 !

It is truly a beautiful place because of it’s people, especially the “Babushka”s; Send them a prayer of peace, people; in whichever way you relate to Creation; after all, we are one people: an injury to one is an injury to all; in peace

Futurist Trendcast

Over one thousand Ukraine citizens gathered in front of the US embassy in Kiev and attempted to pass on to the embassy workers their petition to Barack Obama and the American people, demanding that US stop igniting civil war and interfering in Ukrainian affairs; they also demanded the removal of US troops and weapons from Ukraine. No embassy worker came out to them and guards refused to take their petition. They resorted to gluing the petition to the embassy wall.

Posters in the video below and speeches are in Ukrainian. Posters say: “USA = War,” “USA – out of Ukraine,” “USA invaded Ukraine,” “Donbass.” They chant: “Yankee go home” and “Out of Ukraine!”

Notice how many people are hiding their faces from cameras!

I also want to point out how INCREDIBLY meek and polite all the people are. The ring leader, young woman in pink asking the guard to accept her…

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