Penobscot, Micmac and Passamaquoddy Tribes Declare Sovereignty

Isn’t it time we ALL made ONE DECLARATION that we have broken away from the state?

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Passamaquoddy Representative, Matthew Dana II (right) stands by as Chief Fred Moore (left) explains the Tribe’s position. Photo Courtesy Sherri Mitchell, Native News Online

“We have gone to great lengths to demonstrate good faith and cooperation, only to be lied to,” states Passamaquoddy Chief Fred Moore.

Native American Tribes Declare Sovereignty, Break Away from State of Maine

Due to Governor Paul LePage launching direct political and environmental attacks against the Penobscot, Micmac and Passamaquoddy tribes of Maine, leaders of those tribes have recalled their representatives from the state legislature and are asserting their sovereignty from the State of Maine. “The Maine Indian Land claims Settlement act has failed and we cannot allow ourselves to continue down the path,”Chief Francis said. “We’re saying it’s a failed social experiment.”

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