You don’t own yourself — the Federal Reserve does!

Remember, we are all learning and the truth is hidden in layers; there are one or two presumptions that often pop up, namely:
1. We are people, nothing more, nothing less;
2. the words: “citizen”, “person”, “resident”, “domicile”, “address” etc. are legal fictions, pieces of paper which get used to gain semblance of consent in their courts; they call it subject matter jurisdiction;
3. Your birth certificate is in their jurisdiction, but you stand in a higher, living jurisdiction and that is the con;
4. Your birth certificate is the pre-existing contract upon which they base their claims and you now accept liability if you claim it to be you;
5. The common law lectures at explains jurisdiction;
6. Small, but growing numbers of us have revoked our citizenships;
7. Everything registered does not belong to you because you are not a piece of paper;
8. A sovereign may only be tried by a jury of peers; for more on how to take action join and vote for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, inaugurating on the 15th of June, 2015 []

in peace



You don’t own yourself — the Federal Reserve does.

by Gary Vey for viewzoneFor a while I have been receiving e-mails from a good friend who has asked me to investigate something weird about the Birth Certificates. He wanted me to take a look at them because they have certain numbers and other things printed on them that need an explanation.

When I looked at my own Birth Certificate, I noticed it was a copy of the original. So I went through old boxes and baby books that my Mom had saved before she died and found what I was looking for — my original Birth Certificate. It was brittle and yellowed with decades of age but — wow — it was NOT the original!

What I have learned since is kind of like discovering that you are part of the Matrix. It seems none of us…

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