Is the solution to dealing with corrupt individuals public hanging?

Gandhi said: “An eye for an eye only makes the world blind”;
true justice is seeking reconciliation and not retribution; absolute power corrupts absolutely; how many people would remain ethical given the same position of power?
If the guilty truly wish forgiveness and reconciliation and they truly mean it AND mend their ways then who are we to judge? Judge not lest ye be judged; that’s why I chose role of administrator: I never wish to be a jury member and have to judge anybody;
in peace, bt

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Our ‘lawful’ government was sometimes operating unlawfully before 1862. When Lincoln activated troops in Maryland in order to stop its legislature from making decisions about Maryland’s status to be in the North or South, before a congressionally approved declaration of war, it was an unlawful act; he should have been hung as a traitor. There is no presidential power authorized by the constitution to take any action to stop a sovereign nation (State) from seceding from the Union. He also transgressed posse comitatis.

Even so, congress was exceeding its authority long before the civil war. No constitutional power was existent for congress to determine if a future state would be slave or non-slave based on a Mason-Dixon line. When David Crockett came up for re-election, many people chose not to vote for him again because he voted for a bill authorizing government-enforced charity to take tax dollars and use same…

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1 thought on “Is the solution to dealing with corrupt individuals public hanging?

  1. Well said BT. Stockade for the lot of them.
    I admire your desire to administer, it would weigh heavily on a just man to judge another.

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