Force FRAUDULENTLY misrepresented Government’s Hand!”

A lot of this applies to other countries too such as the Ole Boys’ club; we promote peaceful change; however, self-defence is a natural right; in peace

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On Apr 26, 2015, at 9:30 PM, wrote:

Passing along the info below and I believe this organization is trying unite all Americans to ACT….At this time, as far as I am concerned, our Government has fallen….yes, it is a corporation. We all do need to unite and do as much as possible to inform the Government or Corporation that we are onto their illegal and corrupt actions. I do believe there are some elected official who are trying (even though I believe there should be more actions against the enemies from within from any of the honest elected official) to do what they can to stop this insanity to bring down America completely. I believe there are threats and other forms of criminality that has crippled any of the honest individuals remaining. However, this is why we must keep hounding them so as possibly they will renew their…

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