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I, Clive Albert Dodd, AM a living, breathing, flesh and blood man, a sentient human being, a Sovereign soul. I AM NOT a corporate legal fiction entity.

I have read and consciously sign this DECLARATION OF NON-CONSENT on this 17th day of April, 2015. I declare my free will and repudiate any and all false claims of my consent to any and all contracts and treaties or actions that I consider to be harmful to myself in any way whatsoever, or to any other living breathing man or woman of Planet Earth.

I hereby denounce as null and void ab initio all contracts made in the past, present, or future and take back my Sovereignty now and forever more. I will forever use my free will to keep in direct alignment with the Prime Source Creator.

This DECLARATION OF NON-CONSENT is also declared by my mind, body, and soul in…

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