Grassroots, Community Level Solutions: Common Law Grand Jury

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Common Law Handbook
REMEMBER: The People can form the Grand Jury to seek remedy…
Stop relying on the governments, stop protesting.
Start doing, start implementing remedy, and start healing with solutions. ~Ron

Common Law Grand Jury is for both Civil and Criminal

Click to view Grand Jury Hand Book Final.pdf

Clearly the government cannot be in charge of deciding for themselves
whether or not they should indict themselves on criminal charges.
This is precisely why we have so much corruption in our government.
It is the duty of the people to stand up as the faithful and wise stewards (Luke 12:42), and
bring the servants who think themselves master back into subjection.

“The jury has an unalienable right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy.”
—John Jay, 1st Chief Justice United States Supreme Court, 1789

“The jury has the right to determine both…

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