Global political Elite Criminals, Secrecy, and Paedophilia

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Gordon Brown was duped into backing an event where a paedophile group secretly planned to launch its vile campaign

Posted 18 Nov 2014

British paedophile scandal: ‘I saw Tory MP kill boy at sex party’

November 17, 2014

London: A Conservative MP murdered a young boy during a depraved sex party in the 1980s, an alleged victim of the Westminster paedophile scandal  claims.
The 12-year-old boy, who was being abused by a group of men, was strangled by the politician at a townhouse in front of other victims, it was alleged.

On another occasion, a young boy, who was around 10 years old, was deliberately run down and killed by a car driven by one of his abusers, the “victim” claimed.

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Censored evidence of Vancouver-based child trafficking-murder ring now available

ITCCS News Break: November 18, 2014

vancouver clubChild Trafficking Center: The Vancouver Club

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