Communities of Consciousness Are Emerging

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People from all regions of Earth are collaborating with intentions of Liberating the People on Earth.
The Human Spirit and Global Consciousness are manifesting Liberty, Abundance, Prosperity, Information Sharing and much more!
I see the many great efforts of diverse People from all regions on Earth as the winds of change are flowing over the planet. ~Ron

New Earth Nation Launch PART 2 of 4

Posted 24 March 2014
Part 2 of 4  recording 5 hour live marathon on March 20th – Equinox – 2014
Sacha Stone and Greg Paul having roundtable discussion with special guests Michael Tellinger, Mitchell Rabin, Stephen Bassett, and Santos Bonacci. The other videos are here:

The NEN Institute facilitates international organizations dedicated to the open flow of both ancient and breaking knowledge and wisdom, via international symposia, workshops, training camps, seminars, congresses and retreats:

Mission: I’m Possible

Proyecto Planeta Libre, PERU

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