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The End of Time

What do you think that is?

When several of our friends suddenly all shared their travel photos of a trip to Indonesia  and their activities there through Facebook, we knew that something big was happening. We didn’t know exactly what, but it had to be major for them to be invited to participating in this World Congress. I’m so glad to have heard the video, and I’m sure more will come.

President of United Nation Swissindo World Trust International Orbit Sugihartonotonegoro ST, signed with LAOS (presidential office delegation) for the release of payment order 1:11 for channeling aid to 253 countries

RE-EVOLUTION of world culture has started March 11, 2014, starting with changes in the Global financial system.

Several of our friends traveled to Indonesia, all the people from who supported Anthea Torr in her passionate mission to make a difference on a global scale.


Anthea’s motto is:

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