UZA – 29th of April 2014 – People’s Commission of Inquiry – SA

On the 29th of April a Commission of Inquiry will be convened by the people of the lan of Southern Africa and by the supreme law of the land.

The first cases to be heard will be those of Indigenous tribes such as the San and the Goringhaicona such as the following communication:


Dear br Thomas i paramount chief Aran would like to ask yr assistance to assist us with this claim:

we of the goringhaicona tribe,the so called coloureds being family of chief Trosoa,chief De’mtaas,Automatoe,chief Aran impossed by colonilist as arendse family.We therefore want to reclaim the goringhaicona territory from Saldanaha bay to knysna as it was land our forefathers grace our livestock,planted vegatables & fruit,they where the first farmers see they where pastoral people,there is a big difference between the san & khoi,thats why? Till to day we can not find a common goal where by we can stand as one nation.Thats why we can not have a king a king to rule over all khois as here where no kings in the khoi khoi but the paramount chief of that tribe which is equal to a king.We of the goringhaicona tribe dont want to remove anybody from land,but they will have to pay the children of the khoi for useage of land.Thus we want to be recompensated with conradie hospital on which elsies kraal was situated,wingfield naval base,on which we want to restore restore khoi tradition,culture,& restore dignity as khoi first nation indigenous status. We have lots of public upliftment programes we want to bring into being, but without land we can’t be a tribe,as we are colonilised, not free. We therefore want gov to be fair & return to the khoi~khoi which was taken from us.We of the Goringhaicona indigenous traditional council have members in saldanaha bay till knysna, all over the cape metro.We hope & pray to !TSUIS !GOAB this will not fall on deaf ears or blind eyes.1800s khoi khoi suffered discrimatory laws on land ownership the commisioner general Andries Stockenstrom,history 1652 proves khoi khoi where found here.AD1500s (european) colonilist found khoi khoi here,1488 portuguese explorers found the khoi khoi in the cape

Our hearts go out to these people who held the land sacred by natural law until the law of the sea arrived.

In Peace, UZA

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