Currency Wars, In The Past, Led To World Wars…

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Should You Be Concerned and Prepare?

When a country intentionally tries to devalue its own currency, the very money in one’s bank account loses purchasing power.
Couple this to the fact that new policies are in place to enforce banks’ ability to confiscate depositor’s assets and you, as a bank depositor, would be foolish to not withdraw your savings (leaving only the minimum required for bills) in banks…
Remember Cyprus and G-SIFI

Click to access gsifi.pdf

chinese-yuan-vs-us-dollarLast week, Jan-2-2014, Japan’s yen hit a 15-year low of around 5.7360 yuan.

“You’ve got to understand what the threshold of pain for other Asian nations would be,” said David Greene, head of dealing at AFEX Australia.
“From a technical perspective, 112 [for dollar/yen] is possible this year.
Whether other Asian economies such as South Korea see that as negative for their own economies and start to play an intervention role or enter…

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