Karen Hudes – Update on Constitutional Crisis

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There is a lot of information here in the form of other links which are part of Karen’s research and documentation. We have big changes on the way but I really do not think it will happen until Americans get off their asses and hit the street like they have in many other countries.  We can only throw of injustice, greed, corruption and criminality when we stand in unity in the streets.  Every city in this sorry nation should have 100,000 people in the streets – standing a One and this should include every walk of life including police (you’re being screwed too).

As it stands, read it and weep or share with others including the useless officials in every government at every level.  Stop paying the banks, stop paying CORPORATE GOVERNMENT, stop using their CORRUPT PRIVATE CORPORATE COURTS. They are all corrupt and criminal in all activities.

Angel Lucci

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