‘There is not one single national economy in the world today whose people are free’

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Hugo Salinas Price is a Billionaire and according to wikipedia is the founder of Grupo Elektra.
He was quoted in a King world news interview saying:
“now we are in the hands of ‘barbarians.’  They have no idea of how our society came to be, and what is necessary to keep it going.  They are fiddling with the controls:  You might think of a monkey flying a 747 (airplane) — they don’t have any idea what they are doing.”~Ron

The Siren-song of Welfare State

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Price Hugo SalinasHugo Salinas Price writes:

Our world is run – and has been run for some time now – by a relatively very small group of individuals who have it in their power to manage, as they think, the economies of nations.
Managing the affairs of a nation implies making people behave in ways in which they would not otherwise behave. National…

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