We, the South Africa Common Law Jury – RE: Mel Ve vs Kevin Annett

We, the Jury:

There seems to be some confusion regarding International Common Law.

photo (10)

The following is for clarity:

There is One Universal Law of:

“Do no harm, cause no loss”

and the 5 ethics of:

Truth; Integrity; Responsibility; Accountability; Transparency.

1. Anyone can convene a court;

2. Anyone who observes a potential harm or loss may take responsibility in the matter and bring it to the attention of those who may be affected by the conflict; ESPECIALLY among  colleagues.

3. The group may then decide if a hearing is necessary regarding the matter and then proceed according to the Common law Manual (www.giftoftruth.wordpress.com) in the absence of another.

4. Every community will decide as to how and in what format its own common/customary/tribal/ecclesiastical court will operate.

5. At Common Law, verbal agreements are binding. There are many oral traditions, tribes and cultures.

5. There will be a universally accepted simple format for conflict between communities.

Regarding Mel Ve and Kevin Annett:

As both Mel Ve and Kevin Annett are continuing to air their laundry in public, a response is called for:

1. I, Brother Thomas, could not help noticing the serious allegations and statements made by both Mel Ve and Kevin Annett, regarding each other and regarding International Common Law in public.

2. Both are acting in breach of ETHIC and are both doing harm and causing loss by bringing common law and ethics into dis-repute. 

3. Both are continuing with their public antics and discrediting themselves only. I merely Notified them to cease and desist and find conflict resolution.

4. They have received Notices from me to resolve their dispute and to clean up the mess that they are leaving common law in.

5. The matter is currently being discussed by an impartial jury.

6. The Common Law Field Agents of South Africa aim to uphold Common Law for All One People and for the Greater Good. We will make a public statement, pending the outcome of the investigation by the One People in an orderly manner.

7. Regarding the Common Law Lien on RSA: We will continue as the International Common Law Court of South Africa, Giftoftruth, PoffAdder,  it matters not; and if sufficient members of the One People decide to discuss and convene a Grand Jury, as per the Common Law Manual, then they have the inalienable right to do so.

Comment by Brother Thomas: This is not my mess. I am here to assist the One People until there is a Jury Court on the Land of Southern Africa. This task is the pivotal factor in order to achieve Peace and Freedom for all. Once the court is established, then my mission is accomplished; then I can get me a life:) I am not here to win a popularity contest. Many have much to say about me. I am much loved and much hated. I AM a man who merely seeks remedies of Truth, Peace and Freedom for All One People.  

And if I disgrace Common Law then I will accept a South African Grand Jury order to step down as self-appointed protector of All One People. The meek shall inherit the New Earth.

I greatly respect both Mel Ve and Kevin Annett for the great work that they have both done. I ask the people out there to focus on the positive here. 

In Peace, Brother Thomas


“Be lamps unto yourselves.

Be refuges unto yourselves.

Take yourself no external refuge.

Hold fast to the truth as a lamp.

Hold fast to the truth as a refuge.

Look not for a refuge in anyone besides yourselves.

And those, who shall be a lamp unto themselves,

Shall betake themselves as no external refuge,

But holding fast to the truth as their lamp,

Holding fast to the truth as their refuge,

Shall not look for refuge to anyone else besides themselves,

It is they who shall reach to the very topmost height;

But they must be anxious to learn.”


Quoted in Joseph Goldstein, The Experience of Insight

Constructive Comments are welcome.

18 thoughts on “We, the South Africa Common Law Jury – RE: Mel Ve vs Kevin Annett

    1. Yes,

      unfortunately it is true; and this is the one time that we truly are prejudiced in this matter;

      Kevin Annett is a fraud who was impersonating a common-law court and the “jury” were fictitious;
      the so-called arrest of the pope was also a smokescreen that no-one would then go after the pope if someone else already was…

      We are coming for you popey… first we are going to free Southern Africa from your claws… then we are coming for you… and you ain’t gonna see it coming; no threat: only a promise;

      We digress; the information KA used was pilfered from the Irish Anti-Catholic crew of John Deagan and co;
      Separate investigations were done on him going back to the early 90s by a number of people such as Heather Martin and Tony Butros and we had some serious discussions around this fraud; last year December KA was finally exposed by Alfred Webber which sent him into hiding again; we noticed that he tried to rear his ugly head again about 2 months ago from behind the Kanata site;

      We make a point of exposing him at every point possible; he has done severe damage to the common-law cause; his actions leave us with reason to believe he works for the other side;

      He tried to hijack our Southern Africa common-law cause in 2013 when we started our actions and when he heard that we were taking on our Constitutional Court;
      The modus operandi is simple:
      1. find a common-law group;
      2. Invite them to be a chapter;
      3. then leave them to the angry burnt people left in the wake with a bone to pick; enough to leave anyone running; we were too stupid to run; we blew the whistle on KA and Mel’s public tirade; surely she as an investigative journalistic knew who she was partnering up with?

      In our case we engaged with everyone who thought we were KA hiding behind another persona;

      In this way we put all the pieces of the puzzle together and what we found is evil; there are still more questions than answers; the answer lies in Holland…

      If you want to know the trueth then someone will have to physically go to Holland and find the Toon…s family; then we will also know the trueth about mel ve…

      To finish off, his family have a dark history too; and with high up connections in Canada and USA;

      Tread carefully with this beast if you live there…

      Africa is our turf; we can say what we want here;

      feel free to email us at commonlawsa at geemail dot com in this regard;

      in truth, in peace, brother-thomas

  1. Dear Brother Thomas,

    I been following Ubuntu org more then other group. And I like your ways of working to let the public know and engage better.


    1. Hi Aminurasyid,

      thank you for your vote of confidence, we appreciate it immensely; Just a reminder that we
      are all one people and we all compliment each other in some or other way; and we believe that when we have
      re-established peoples rights with trial by jury people’s courts then the work of groups such as
      Ubuntu, Thrive and New Earth Nation will be valuable to help creating an alternative society;

      in peace, bt

  2. It seems to me that there is a focused effort to discredit everyone involved with the Toos Neijenhuis interview. Also, the interviewers partnership has disintegrated for whatever dumb reason. End result: the story never sees the light of day in the mainstream media. Toos seems extremely credible which probably has some ppl in high places worried…. Hence the attempts to discredit everyone and throw a monkey wrench into everything.

  3. Brother Thomas, if you really believe in the common law courts I suggest strongly for you to move away from Annett. Everywhere he goes good and decent campaigns get destroyed. The residential schools are no longer respected due to his involvement and now the common law courts are being laughed at due to his input. He has no support in Ireland Amsterdam or Brussels.

  4. Thank you Heather and thank you Lawrence.
    Yes this man is an absolute con man.
    He used the names of three Irishmen and claimed that they were conveners
    of his tribunal.They knew nothing about it until September 2013 and asked to have their names removed and as a result one of them has been SMEARED with LIES by the so called Reverend Annett.
    There was NO tribunal and there is no tribunal.
    This man is operating a SCAM and having been exposed in Canada,The USA and Europe and he is now trying to move his SCAM to South Africa.
    This con man must be stopped

  5. Kevin Annett is a Canadian Con Artist, Mel V is a dupe looking to cover her own ass now. There is no ITCCS, never was and these bogus common law courts were just part of Annett’s con game. Wake the hell up, this is all bull shit.

    1. Lawrence, with all due respect, we are all aware of certain facts on various levels. However, this does not mean that common law courts are not valid.
      Do not allow false prophets or bad leadership to sway you. If we do not return to jury courts then we will have no standing as Living Men or Woman and no defence against rogue governance. I have been involved with South African common law for almost 3 years now, without Mel or Kevin. They invited me, I did not ask them. At the time I was approached, Giftoftruth United was filing its own Final Respons Demands with the Constitutional Court of South Africa. We have common and customary law on equal par through our Constitution and we have the 1955 Freedom Charter. The majority of our population has a home on Tribal Lands and Kingdoms. I have land use on Tribal Lands myself as I have worked on environmental and sustainable projects. We have a rich history of customary law.
      We have the Boer Afrikaner Volk who have taken their demand, of the right to self-determination, to the International Court of Justice and the court did not even respond. Only an International Common Law Court of Justice will uphold our Living Rights and enforce the International Declaration of Human Rights.
      We have our own national hero by the name of Johan Joubert, who sadly is no longer with us. His Family are continuing his work at jojou.cc with very informative interviews. I am continuing with his work. It is pivotal to ensure jury courts return for the Peace and Freedom of all. The One People of each country will do it as they see fit. The people on the ground are under siege by corporations. We are doing our level best to create a defence when no administrative justice is being served.
      This week, we as members of the One People are filing a Common Law Lien on RSA;
      We have groups such as New Era, newera.org.za are taking on the Banks in the courts, such as Ireland are doing.
      We have a liberation party called Ubuntu, ubunuparty.org.za
      On an international front, we are in discussion with a few Judges and retired Judges, including lawyers to bring a cohesive framework together. Common Law is getting a facelift. Thanks for your concern,

      In Peace, BT

    1. No, I am not working for ITCCS. I am serving common law for the greater good of Humanity, focusing on South Africa and as such I am oathed to truth, integrity, responsibility, accountability and transparency. If we, as common law representatives cannot uphold our oath then we are like chaff in the wind.
      Therefore, I have to distance myself from anyone who creates public discord or breaches the trust of the One People, no matter the consequences.

      In Truth, BT

      PS: Thank you for your valuable contribution to society as a true blue whistleblower 🙂

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