AK – My Conversation with Benjamin Fulford Regarding the Dutchsinse Video & the Dutchsinse Video

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ImageBy American Kabuki Sunday
October 13, 2013 In the interest of complete transparency regarding
the ever increasing attempt to conflate the OPPT (which is a
reconciled trust in any case – HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO REPEAT
THAT?) with the actions of Swissindo. I am publishing this
conversation with Ben Fulford regarding the recent Dutchsinse video
claiming the OPPT asked him to sign an oath in exchange for huge
sums of money.  The OPPT simply isn’t doing that.
 Whomever is doing that, is not the OPPT.
could very well be Swissindo (that has yet to be confirmed) and
those in the alternative media they recruited secretly as an
advisory council (under nondisclosure agreements) from the
volunteers who had been working for the OPPT in the first part of
the  year.  This has been unfolding for a number of
months, at least since April. Swissindo has approached…

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