Free Energy Technology to be released on the OPAL Tour freely & directly to the PEOPLE!

 Thursday Sep 26 2013
Free Energy Device to Join the OPAL Tour!
free energy generator-water
Breaking NEWS!!

Free Energy Technology to be released on the OPAL Tour
freely & directly to the PEOPLE!
It’s now been confirmed.  The OPAL Tour will be taking Free Energy Technology on the road & straight to YOU the people.  We haven’t been able to come forward with this information until now due to security reasons.  This is the time for REAL change, folks.  Like we keep saying, “We are the change we’ve been waiting for…and we’re DONE waiting!”
Where others have failed, we will succeed.  We are working with a very conscious inventor who’s hearts desire is to see this technology out in the world where it will benefit the people.  He is not looking for monetary gain.  He is not looking for fame.  He is not asking for anything in return other than to get this directly into the hands of the ONE PEOPLE.  And the OPAL Tour will be the “distributing arm” of this technology.
What does that mean?  It means that we will have a working free energy generator on board AND an electrical engineer who will be providing hands on training.  Yes, we will have videos and material online for those who can’t join us in person, but our main goal right now is to get this show on the road so we can bring this technology straight to YOU!  In addition to hands-on-training, we will also provide access to parts and blueprints.  We’re going to empower as many people as we can through this grass-roots movement.
We are in the process of putting together a funding campaign so we can launch the tour and get on the road with this free energy technology.  Time is of the essence and we’re all working day and night to make this journey possible.  You don’t have to wait for the campaign to begin to help out.  Just ask yourself, “Do I want to see FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY out in the world?”

If your answer is YES, then click the button below!   Together – we CAN do this and we CAN be the change we’ve been waiting for!


3 thoughts on “Free Energy Technology to be released on the OPAL Tour freely & directly to the PEOPLE!

  1. I have watched 100s of video s on you tube on hho fuel cells and within 3 months had my car running on nothing but hho but i had problems with what exhaust gas temperature and my voltage to run enough rpm to drive down the road can you help. And are u burning water via plasma arch that really excited me if like to learn all i can. I went to the news stations with my car running on water/hho and nobody would do a story on it.? What give s i would really like to work with you guys please email me Williamj Burkins 1 no spaces

  2. Please guys i need your help! I am 80 old. stil very active. drive a vw 1600 Bus made 1970.air cooler needs 12 liters one galon per 100 km.! 1.
    lit. cost 1,50 euro. My Pension from 700 euro .Goverment cut to 335.-euro. My hobby is driving to an other countries! Now cause of the expensive Gasoline ,can not drive any where .My question to you: Who knows a real good hho generator with expiriences about it, or a constractions plan to build my self one!
    Thank you very much Nikolas from Athens GR-Germany.

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