The Voice of the Resistance – new radio show with Rob Potter

Victory of the Light Show

Published on Sep 10, 2013


Rob Potter is starting a Web-based Radio show called “The Victory of the Light”. This show will be on every Tuesday from 3-5pm Los Angeles time starting September, 10th. The website to listen to this broadcast is Freedom Slips, go there to Studio B and listen to the show every Tuesday live and be sure to get into the chat room. On every Tuesday at 3:30PM Los Angeles time there will be a 10 minute update about the PFC website and new information on the “Event”. On every show there will Senior PFC leaders who will answer questions in the chat room. Rob and others will also answer questions on the air! This is an ongoing opportunity to have new and old members get updates on a weekly basis.

For the next show – Check Studio B, Tuesdays @ 3pm-5pm PST or 6pm-8pm EST


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