A Short Update on the Situation in Egypt and Planetary Situation in General



The historical move of the Positive Military on July 3rd was a big victory of the Light, but the Cabal does not sleep. They are still sending their Blackwater/Xe/Academi snipers to Egypt where they try to create civil war by shooting members of the more peaceful faction of Muslim Brotherhood protestors so that the Positive Military would be blamed.

The Cabal is also coordinating and organizing more violent faction of Muslim Brotherhood militias to attack churches and police stations in Egypt:
Blackwater mercenaries were smuggled into Egypt from United Arab Emirates in June when it became obvious for the Cabal’s intelligence agencies that the Positive Military in Egypt will make its move:
Despite global media blockade and censorship about the real situation in Egypt, some news are leaking:
The Resistance Movement is asking those who feel so guided to continue with their meditations for Egypt to harmonize the situation:
And especially to meditate on August 25th for the opening of the Peace Portal:
Our mass meditations are spreading worldwide. Natiruts, the most popular Reggae band in Brazil, has included a short invocation of Light for Egypt in their concert in Brasilia on July 27th where tens of thousands of people were present, being inspired by Portal 2012 blog:It would be great if they could repeat that again in their future concerts, the people of Egypt would be grateful.

The Resistance Movement is requesting that the Positive Military forces in Egypt remove Blackwater mercenaries from their country immediately. The Resistance is also requesting a fair and public trial for arrested Muslim Brotherhood officials so that their exact crimes can be exposed to the mass media.

Meanwhile, the Light forces are creating positive networks in military forces worldwide, preparing for the Event:
And some governments are already planning post-Event changes:
The financial reset will NOT happen until everything is ready for the Event:

In desperation, the Cabal (Rockefeller faction/Texas boys/Carlyle Group) is preparing plans for false flag Reset and false flag military coup that would look like the Event in September, but those plans will be prevented and will be never allowed to manifest. These plans only have a potential to trigger the real Event a little bit earlier instead.

4 thoughts on “A Short Update on the Situation in Egypt and Planetary Situation in General

  1. From – The Will of God – El Morya – Armageddon

    The Battle of Armageddon is not a stationary and immovable conflict. It has been fought in the souls of men since the first strong spirit determined to break the magnetic pull of earth and return to God. You might say that it is a place on the Road to Mastery that is reached at different times according to the progress of the Initiate.

    The mass of mankind, moving together, will go through this battle en masse, and its mental and emotional turmoil will record in the physical world as upheaval in the minds and bodies of mankind – as well as in the Earth’s surface.

    Those of you who have chosen the Path of Mastery will have already weathered the conflict and stand serene upon the far shore. Thus are you better able to assist your struggling brothers and draw them, one by one, from this distress.

    Energy becomes power through use, and every man must, by self-conscious choice, decide what forces are to play upon his instruments. Only experience can teach the soul that devastation follows opening one’s lifestream to what is known as the sinister force. Thus, through soul-searching, the individual determines to keep his instruments free for the use of the Powers of Good.

    Every lifestream; every soul, is constructive because it is part of God. You who are dealing with souls must learn that, and recognize always that any apparent destructive activity is but a force playing through instruments that have not yet learned to distinguish between God and human creation.

    Visualize a soul standing alone upon a pedestal – a soul which is the ultimate of God and Nature’s creation – the hope of his own “I AM” Presence and the Elohim from Whose Body he came forth. Visualize the Light of the Master playing through that soul a celestial body that lights the heart and softens the visage. Then visualize a shadow in the upper atmosphere sweeping through that soul until it shudders like a dry leaf in the autumn wind – distorting the features and quenching the Flame of Hope and aspiration. Thus you can see that man must, of his own choice, invite and identify himself with one or the other of these activities of the same life. One whispered prayer; one strong call; one steady unwavering thought might hold the balance for the Light in the breast of one where the battle rages.

    If you profess to be Agents of the Light, I must insist that you become aware of your responsibilities toward every living soul and stop letting your instruments be playgrounds for every passing shadow. Every lifestream on Earth is very dear to Us and so it must be to you.

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