Brother Thomas speaks to Freedom Central

Having recently appointed Brother Thomas as South Africa’s first official Common Law Advocate of the International Common Law Courts, Brother Thomas has become one of the most prolific activists South Africa has ever seen.

On the 25 July 2013, Brother Thomas formally established the Common Law Courts in South Africa.

Please take some time to listen to how South Africa is securing common law practices on the ground.

3 thoughts on “Brother Thomas speaks to Freedom Central

  1. Brother Thomas….i have noticed that there is ALOT of info and vids on how to get out of debt ….how to free yourself…how to deregister your vehicles….what to say and do when confronted with debt collectors or police or sheriff of courts.. all in the usa australia ..UK…all over the globe..just not here in good old south africa…
    Or am i just looking in all the wrong places…?

    Thank you
    in Peace
    marc of the family melville

    1. This is an ongoing development of the technology at hand, it is on the leading edge. There are only one in a million doing any research in this field, meaning if there is about 55 million people in good old South Africa only about 55 people are doing anything about the research. Although the matrix system world wide is the same there are slight differences between the countries of the world. We have limited time and resources with which to do this research and most of us doing it have to do it in our free time. However do not disrepair things are speeding up. We also need to spread the word about this subject and get more people involved on a voluntary basis. Most are still trapped in their system and our ability to pay has been severely constrained by their way of operation and therefore our appeal to everyone to help by making a currency donation. When we have sufficient funds and a fairly constant flow we can financially help those who wish to do this research on a permanent and ongoing basis.

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