Project xiii and I-UV ixchange

The following is very exciting news! Governments have been harvesting our energy and have been foreclosed. Our energy has been reclaimed for us by the One People’s Public Trust into a new exchange called the I U V ixchange.


Soon we will be able to buy ethical food, clothing, free energy devices etc. through an app on our phones.


Seriously, a new cyber platform had to be created to do this ‘freely’. We all know that facebook and gmail and google are fronts for federal harvesting activity. We are all about to jump ship onto a new People’s exchange.




Project 13 was originally created to facilitate data exchanges between groups of people who had reasons to know each other in the real world. It was the brain child of a software dev. who was looking to create a solution that didn’t sell your information or advertise to you. The VEXS protocol, based loosely off of Isaac Asimov’s I Robot, was born out of a desire to see software fall under the hands of the people it was written to serve; not create a creature that runs amok of social norms. We hope that you’ll participate in this experience. Join forces with a team of people who believe that thus far the role of software in society has been misused – who want to see software used in its proper place. Help us in correcting that balance…


We at Project XIII have no interest in your data. We have not built any back doors into the system that allow us to see what’s going on. We refuse to do so. Your data will be safe with us. We have no idea what you are talking about and will strive to make every effort to do so.


That being said… You have to remember your password! We have no ability to reset it. Only you can do so. So please make sure to remember your password or write it down in a safe place.




There will be an official website for Project 13. There will be an official spokesperson for the Project 13 Company once the software is released. This page is NOT that official website, release or spokesperson platform.

This page is here to provide access to information as it is understood and offered to the I UV web creative team.

This page Should NOT be confused as the official page for Project 13. That website is Not live yet. When it goes live and we learn of it we will publish the link here.


Project 13 is Totally Separate from the I UV Ixchange.


Project 13 is expected to be launched on June 1st.


The P13 software application is a specific tool designed to let people share data back and forth in a secure, non “harvesting” environment. It is designed as a tool to give subscribers a safe secure platform to share their data and to interact with the people they choose to interact with, like they might on Facebook, or other social networking platforms. It is designed to allow people the space to do that without their data or energy being harvested by the PTW.


When the “mechanism” of the tool known as the I UV Ixchange is released, it will be one of many tools that subscribers of Project 13 can access. By “mechanism” we mean the component that gives people access to their value in a way that is “spendable” and can be used to buy a loaf of bread or purchase a product or pay for a service or an experience.


Project 13 software is a valuable tool to do exactly what it is designed to do. People will want to subscribe to Project 13 because they want to make use of the unique functions it provides. 


The I UV Ixchange is totally separate from Project 13, although when it’s rolled out, Project 13 will be an access point for it.

The following information is being updated as the web team becomes apprised.

Dates, devices, etc. may change moment-by-moment. Please stay tuned.


The following platforms will be compatible at the projected June 1st launch:


1) Windows Mobile App


2) Silverlight program for Windows PC, and Mac OS (computers, not the mobile phones)- Possibly Delayed ? to download the platform free from Cnet click here


3) iPhone/iPad App ( available for download in the iTunes App Store on June 1st ) – Heather announced 5.28.13 that iPhone takes 30% of every transaction that you’ll do on your Ixchange using the iPhone app.


Once you have the device, you’ll need to download the Project 13 software from your device application store. The Project 13 app will be free.


The next step is to go to the Project 13 web site to set up an account and become a subscriber, in order to use the Project 13 software.


The cost to subscribe will be 1 unit of money per month: US$1, 1 Euro, 1 Yen, etc. Initially it will be US$1 per month until currencies are added.


Once you have a subscriber account, you’ll be provided a code or a ‘key’ necessary to activate the Project 13 software on your device.


You will be able to use your Project 13 user account on multiple devices that run the Project 13 platform.


For those who want to know, there will be a link on the Project 13 site to learn about the security protocol behind the software called VEXS or Virtual Extension of Self Protocol.



Because the I-UV web team has not seen an advanced copy of the Project 13 software, we’re presently unable to develop the user guidelines, which we had hoped to publish for you at the moment of launch.


When the software does launch, we’ll learn the program as fast as we can and produce the tutorials as fast as we can. These tutorials will offer step-by-step instructions on getting started.


Until then, since many are unfamiliar with some of the Project 13-compatible devices, here are some basic tutorials to get you up to speed on the device of your choice prior to the roll out on June 1st.



 87% of world population has a mobile phone according to stats last update in 2011. The stats probably do not take into account some people with no phones and some with more than one phone… some who have phone but cannot afford to have it currently active.


It is probably a good bet that most of those are simple phones, not the smart phones needed to run Project 13 or the I UV Ixcahnge. Still it’s a good percentage and when spreading the word about the I UV Ixchange will make it a wee bit easier as the % of people with no cell phones is not huge.


One of our members is part of the 20 people for the CVAC roll out plan for South Africa. There won’t be any disclosure until this is complete. Could take a month or two. We are waiting with anticipation.


In Truth, Brother Thomas.



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